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About Paramount Supply

Established in 1954 by founder John Hagen, Paramount Supply has evolved into a trusted industrial wholesaler renowned for its commitment to quality products and exceptional service. What began as a humble venture out of the founder's car trunk has grown into a thriving enterprise, with a steadfast philosophy emphasizing numerous smaller branches over a limited number of larger regional operations.

Core Offerings

At the heart of our offerings are pipe, valves, and fittings, forming the foundation of our commitment to industrial excellence. Beyond these essentials, Paramount has extended its focus into the realm of industrial specialties, emerging as an industry leader in sealing devices, gasketing, filters, valve automation, and steam systems.

Our Presence

Our extensive network of branches spans across strategic locations in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Each branch serves as a hub of industrial excellence, embodying our commitment to delivering top-quality products and unparalleled service to our valued customers. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, our branches are positioned to meet the diverse needs of industries across the region.

At Paramount Supply, we believe in the power of local presence combined with a global perspective. Our branches are staffed by knowledgeable professionals who understand the unique challenges and requirements of their respective markets. Whether you're in need of pipe, valves, fittings, or specialized industrial solutions such as sealing devices, gasketing, filters, valve automation, or steam systems, our branches are equipped to provide tailored solutions that meet your needs.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our tradition of innovation and adaptability remains steadfast. From our early days to the present, Paramount Supply continually explores new products that anticipate the evolving needs of the industrial market, while anticipating the needs of additional sectors including municipal water, renewable energy and commercial spaces. This unwavering commitment drives us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

As we look to the future, Paramount Supply remains dedicated to upholding the values that have shaped our legacy — delivering quality, fostering exceptional service, and anticipating the dynamic requirements of the industrial landscape. Explore the Paramount Supply advantage as we continue to evolve and set new standards in the industrial wholesale sector.

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