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Steam Trap Survey Title
In an effort to help our customers save money, we offer to perform steam trap surveys. During a survey we examine, tag and record all the steam traps at your facility and generate a report highlighting the results of our review. Our goal during a steam trap survey is to analyze your steam system and make sure you are efficiently and effectively using your steam.
During our survey we will perform the following:
Review production process, expectations and prepare a general game plan - During this step we walk thru how we perform the surveys. We also gain an understanding of the customers production process and review how they use their steam. We then determine the customers expectations and begin preparations for any safety requirements. Lastly, we establish a timeline for performing and completing the work.
Perform walk thru and tag traps - During this step we walk thru the facility with an employee and tag each trap with a number. We then document the trap number and location.
Analyze trap performance - During this step we analyze how the trap is performing. Is it blowing out steam? Is it running at the proper temperature? Is the trap functioning as designed? After reviewing the trap we carefully document the performance and any comments that we deem relevant.
Create steam trap report - During this step we catalog all of the data collected and prepare a report for the customer. We highlight which traps need to be replaced and give suggestions for applications issues that we found. After completing the report we set a meeting time and walk thru the report with the customer.
Update website - During this step we update our website with the data we have collected and give secured access to the customer. This allows us to help the customer maintain their trap data going forward. The customer can also use this information to order new steam traps using our online ordering.
What Does It Cost? The cost is totally dependent on the number of traps at the facility and the amount of work required on our part to perform the survey. Instead of charging by the hour we charge by the trap. This way our customers can be confident that the price they pay is set and will not go up whether we need 20 or 100 hours to complete the survey. We also ask the customer to cover all travel & lodging costs which may be involved in performing the survey.
What Is Required From The Customer? You must have a minimum of 25 traps before we will perform a survey. We also ask that an employee from the customer be present at all times to walk our representative thru the facility. This has always been the most efficient use of time since in most cases we do not know where all of your traps are located.
How Do I Get Additional Information or Request A Survey Be Performed? Please send us an email with any questions or requests and we will get right back to you.
Credit Application
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Our credit application can be found here. Please email or fax completed applications to the branch nearest you. Most applications will require at least 24 hours to process.
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Paramount Supply currently has operations in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington. In addition to our core offering of pipe, valves, and fittings, Paramount has carried its pursuit of service into the area of industrial specialties, becoming an industry leader in sealing devices, gasketing, filters, valve automation, and steam systems.
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