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Valves > Solenoid > 4 Way
4 Way Solenoid Valves
Asco 8340 Air Only Solenoid Valves
Air-only design for cylinder control. Up to eight single and dual solenoid valves, in any combination, can be manifolded. Sub-base constructions have separate cylinder connections and common pressure and exhaust connections at each end. Can be assembled in the field by simply inserting tie rods through holes in base. Group-mounted constructions have common pressure connections at each end and separate cylinder and exhaust connections. Can be factory assembled or grouped in the field with strong snap-on clamps, supplied.
Manufaturer: Asco Valve
Asco 8342 General Service Solenoid Valve
Direct acting operation and high flow construction. Direct acting, high flow slide-style valve. Optional flow control regulates cylinder speed independently, in either direction. Mechanical detent on dual solenoids holds last position, even after loss of electric power, pneumatics or pressure. No Minimum Operating Pressure Differential required to shift valve. Dual solenoid operation: solenoid may be energized momentarily (1/10 second) or continuously. Mountable in any position.
Manufaturer: Asco Valve
Asco 8344 Piston/Poppet Solenoid Valve
Sturdy, robust construction. Piston-operated poppet design provides high flow. For use with air or water. Wide range of sizes and flow rates. Single or dual solenoid constructions. Dual solenoid can be shifted with a momentary signal and remain in position even if electrical power is lost. Mountable in any position.
Manufaturer: Asco Valve
Asco 8345 General Service Solenoid Valve
Compact valves for general service applications. Low-cost, 4-way valve when low flow is sufficient. Mountable in any position.
Manufaturer: Asco Valve
Asco 8551/8553 Spool Valves
Compact design. Single and dual solenoid constructions available.
Manufaturer: Asco Valve