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Plug Valves
Durco T4E Lined Plug Valve
The T4E Valves features a thick, continuous PFA liner which is locked to the body by T-slots. Since the PFA covers all wetted parts of the body the customer can save by not having to use high alloy materials for the body. The plug is PFA-encapsulated and the PFA covering extends up the stem through the top cap. The large sealing surfaces of this valve insure drop-tight shut-off. These valves are bidirectional and totally independent of line pressure. The primary seal to the atmosphere is between the plug and the seal band at the top of the liner. As a secondary seal, a dynamic self-adjusting , self-energized reverse-lip PFA diaphragm seal prevents stem leakage. If line pressure should force liquid to the stem seal area, the self-energizing reverse lip PFA diaphragm will be forced against the stem to prevent external leakage. If a leak occurs, simply re-seat the plug with a quick and easy in-line adjustment. An open-end wrench and a few seconds are the extent of your maintenance requirements.
Manufaturer: Flowserve
Durco G4 Sleeveline Plug Valve
Reduced turning torque and in-line seal adjustment due to the use of a tampered plug. Compatible with a wide range of Automax actuators and other instrumentation. PFA Reverse Lip Diaphragm provides a static and dynamic, self-adjusting stem seal. Actuator Mounting Pads-Actuator bracket mounts directly on flanges for solid support. Certified to SIL3. Available in Firesealed design. Available with fugitive emission stem sealing. ANSI or DIN flanges are standard. NPT screwed, socket and butt weld are available.
Manufaturer: Flowserve
Durco Mach 1 Plug Valve
Lower, constant turning torques comparable to ball valves and significantly lower than other plug valves. Higher temperature capability more comparable to gate and triple-offset butterfly valves (525 Degrees F / 274 Degrees C). Easy seat replacement with valve in-line; no special tooling required. ISO mounting pad. ASME Class 150, 300 and 600 (derated) flanged butt weld, screwed end, socket weld, DIN 25-150 PN 10-16, 25-40,100.
Manufaturer: Flowserve