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Ridgid Tool Cutters
Close Quarters Tubing Cutters
Specifically designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter, hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass and plastic tubing; rollers include grooves for close-to-flare cuts. Strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing, large knurled feed screw knob gives easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts. Models 117 and 118 include a self-feeding cutter wheel that automatically cuts after tightening the knob only once. The Model 117 features a special knob for easier tightening of the feedscrew.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool
Constant Swing Cutters
Telescoping feed screw design keeps the cutter at the same length regardless of tubing diameter - good for tight spaces. Features an enclosed feed screw to eliminate clogging and jamming, grooved rollers for close-to-flare cuts, and a fold-away reamer. Now includes X-CEL knob and X-CEL Pin for quicker cutting and wheel replacement. Made from high-strength zinc alloy. Spare cutter wheel included in the knob. Cuts copper, brass, and aluminum tubing and thin-wall conduit.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool
Enclosed Feed Cutters
Cuts copper, brass and aluminum tubing and thin-wall conduit. Both Enclosed Feed Cutters have a quick-acting mechanism for faster size adjustments. Spare cutter wheel.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool
Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters
Fast, clean pipe cutting by hand or power. Extra-long shank protects adjustment threads, while an extra-large handle is provided for quick, easy adjustment. Can be converted to 3-wheel cutter by replacing rollers with cutter wheel, or the 2A and 4S can be ordered as 3-wheel model for use in areas where a complete turn is not possible. Second handle on 3-S, 4-S and 6-S makes two-man leverage possible on large pipe sizes.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool
Tubing and Conduit Cutters
Clean, square cuts are easily made on copper, brass, aluminum and thin-wall conduit. Now includes X-CEL Knob for quicker cutting. Nos. 10, 15 and 20 feature a convenient fold-away reamer. No. 30 is rated for larger diameter steel and stainless steel tubing. No. 65S is especially designed for stainless steel tubing. Includes six individual bearings and cutter wheel to make stainless cutting easier.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool
Quick-Acting Tubing Cutters
Models 151-156 feature a quick-acting design, I-beam construction, hardened wear surfaces and thrust bearing slide assemblies for smooth operation. All Models now include an X-CEL Knob and X-CEL Pin for quicker cutting and wheel replacement. These cutters are available in models for plastic pipe or metallic tubing. Models 151 and 152 feature fold-away reamers.
Manufaturer: Ridgid Tool