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Hangers & Clamps > Type > Pipe Rings
Pipe Rings
Anvil Fig. 69 Adjustable Swivel Ring
Recommended for suspension of non-insulated stationary pipe line. Threads are countersunk so that they cannot become burred or damaged. Knurled swivel nut provides vertical adjustment after piping is in place. Captured swivel nut in the 1/2" thru 6" sizes. The capture is permanent in the bottom portion of the band, allowing the hanger to be opened during installation if desired, but not allowing the nut to fall completely out.
Manufaturer: Anvil International
Anvil Fig. 104 Adjustable Swivel Ring, Split Type
Recommended for suspension of non-insulated stationary pipe lines. Labor-saving features in installation completely outweigh slight additional cost. Hanger may be installed prior to suspension of pipe. Off-center hinge provides seating for pipe during installation. Wedge-type locking pin is inseparably cast into hinged section, sizes 2 1/2" and larger. Adjustable swivel ring is self-locking. Prevents loosening due to vibration. Maintains proper pitch of pipe. Wire retaining ring prevents separation of swivel shank from pipe ring before installation.
Manufaturer: Anvil International