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Test Gauges
Ashcroft Type A4A Ashcroft Precision Dial Pressure Gauge
+/-0.1% F.S. accuracy - ASME B40.1 Grade 4A. Ranges from 15-100,000 psi. Solid front protective case. High and low pressure limit stops. Mirror band dial to eliminate parallax reading error. Optional temperature compensation maintains 0.1% accuracy from -25 to +125F.
Manufaturer: Ashcroft
Ashcroft Type 1082 Test Gauge
Temperature-compensated movement that significantly reduces temperature error. MicroSpan adjustment for ease in span calibration. Hydraulically staked movement with Teflon-coated gears and bearings improves stability. Externally adjustable dial on standard model. White aluminum dial, black numbers with polished mirror band. High and low pressure movement stops are standard.
Manufaturer: Ashcroft
Ashcroft Type 1084 Pocket Test Gauge
Available in a 3" dial size. Stainless Steel movement with Teflon-coated bearings and pinion gear. Black, adjustable pointer with red-painted knife-edge tip. Stainless Steel construction. Zero-adjustable white aluminum dial with polished mirror band. 1/4 NPT lower connection only.
Manufaturer: Ashcroft