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Send us an email, contact your local branch or give our corporate office a call at (888) 700-0201.
Shipping Information
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Shipping is determined at checkout. Your order is reviewed to determine how best to fulfill your item and quantity requests from our multiple branches. Depending on our stock on hand an order may ship out of multiple locations. If we cannot fill an item from one individual branch it will be setup as a backorder and no shipping charges will be calculated. Instead we will contact you and confirm you want the backorder processed. For all backordered items we will charge you what is costs us to ship from the factory and then back out to you. Since manufacturers are located all over the United States we have no way of telling you the actual costs until we receive the goods.
Our primary carrier is UPS, however, we reserve the right to use another carrier if we deem necessary. We do NOT take any special requests for shipping.
All orders placed containing products with excessive lengths or weight will not show shipping charges at checkout. Instead we will follow up with you to determine the best shipping method and will ship collect wherever possible.
UPS orders can be tracked using the tool above. Please note that UPS often does not have the tracking information available until 24 hours after picking up the package from us.