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Comprehensive Steam Trap Surveys for Efficiency and Savings

As part of our commitment to helping customers optimize their operations and save on costs, Paramount Supply provides thorough steam trap surveys. Our expert team conducts a comprehensive examination, tagging, and recording of all steam traps at your facility. The results are then compiled into a detailed report that outlines the findings of our review.

Key Steps in Our Steam Trap Survey Process:

Review and Game Plan Preparation:

Walkthrough of our survey process, understanding your production process and steam usage. Determine expectations, safety requirements, and establish a timeline for the survey.

Walkthrough and Trap Tagging:

Facility walkthrough with an employee to tag each steam trap with a unique identifier. Documentation of trap numbers and locations for reference.

Trap Performance Analysis:

In-depth analysis of each trap's performance, including steam blowouts, temperature regulation, and functionality. Careful documentation of performance and relevant comments.

Steam Trap Report Creation:

Cataloging and organization of collected data into a comprehensive report. Highlighting traps in need of replacement and providing suggestions for addressing application issues.

Cost Structure:

The survey cost is determined based on the number of traps and the extent of work required. We charge per trap, offering transparency and assurance that the price remains fixed, regardless of the time needed to complete the survey. Customers are responsible for covering travel and lodging costs associated with the survey.

Customer Requirements:

To initiate a survey, a minimum of 25 traps is required. We request the presence of a customer employee during the survey to efficiently guide our representative through the facility.

Requesting Additional Information or Scheduling a Survey:

For more details or to schedule a steam trap survey, please visit our services page or contact us directly. We look forward to assisting you in enhancing the efficiency of your steam system.